Collect the data you need to achieve the goals you want.

With so many people constantly speaking online, it only makes sense to make sure you are collecting all the data you need to create the most value for your customers and business owners. Through our expertise in data mining and analysis, we are able to pull data from several different locations, whether it be online social media sites, product review content, internal feedback or survey data, even email and call data from customer service recordings. Whatever it may be, we can crawl, organize, segment and report on the massive amounts of data that is relevant to you. The goal is to bring you the most valuable insights possible to make a difference for your business. Some of the main areas we work can be seen here:

Competitive Intelligence

Track your closest competitor to make sure they aren’t undercutting or outpacing you.

Lead Generation

Identify profiles of potential clients by monitoring unsatisfied customers of competitors or tracking other key metrics.

Data Aggregation

Make better decisions. We can collect data from disparate sources and consolidate it in a single location for simple analysis.

Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Mine your own customer reviews and identify the highs and lows of your customers’ experience and satisfaction through sentiment analysis. See our proprietary product on this service here.

Social Listening

Listen to what the public is saying about your brand and identify the key buzz topics that make a difference to you.

Customer Segmentation

Fine tune your audience understanding by profiling existing customers based on specific identifying factors.

What our clients say

  • We have never worked with a group that is so self-sufficient and proactive when it comes to solving problems. Sri always has a backup plan for handling issues and never allows work to come to a halt.

    Michael Ferber - CIO and Executive Director of Human Resources

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