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Siteminis is the industries’ leading mobile customized web provider, delivering a holistic solution to help companies attract and engage new customers through an innovative revenue stream. In conjunction with Siteminis, we have developed a product called “CliqLaunch”, which is a DIY platform that enables customers to launch mobile websites, in a matter of seconds, accessible on all web-enabled handheld devices. CliqLaunch is now consistently and successfully used by Fortune 500 digital marketing departments every single day to assist their mobile marketing practices.

Rainman Consulting is our partner in the analytics space. Rainman specializes in using business analytics to assess marketing effectiveness. Our partnership with them enables us to complete the business intelligence loop by offering analytics and predictive modelling as an offering to our customers. They have been our business partners for more than a year now and we have jointly delivered multiple solutions to many large clients, especially in the FMCG\CPG sector. To find out more about Rainman, please visit

What our clients say

  • We have never worked with a group that is so self-sufficient and proactive when it comes to solving problems. Sri always has a backup plan for handling issues and never allows work to come to a halt.

    Michael Ferber - CIO and Executive Director of Human Resources

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